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mgh, ym, b, d, oc, l8, n, ji4, Career | Miss Teppanyaki ~ Our chef in your kitchen - A Bespoke Dining Experience in the comfort of your home Miss Teppanyaki provides you and your guests a unique and memorable dining experience. Our highly skilled and passionate Chefs, arrive on location, whether at your home or an alternative venue, with the finest ingredients, that are fresh and ethical sourced from traditional markets from all over the world. Our dedicated team transform your home into an ultimate fine dining setting, whilst our Chefs prep and prepare your chosen menu in the kitchen. We ensure your guests feel special and served throughout the experience. Career – Miss Teppanyaki ~ Our chef in your kitchen
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Come and work for us we are hiring!!!

Freelance Bartender

Do you have what it takes to make an impression? We are looking for a talented and creative bartender to join our growing team. Candidates must have passion with a personality to match, with experience of working in an high end environment and possess attention to detail. We require a highly skilled individual with flare and skill to deliver unrelieved cocktails to complement Miss Teppanyaki’s ultimate dining experience. The candidate must be customer focused and a team player.

Freelance Waiter / Waitress

We are looking for presentable and passionate individuals, that have a superior level of skill, experience and are customer focused. The candidate should have a good understanding of working in a fast-paced environment and have a solid understanding of Asian cuisine with wine pairing. A string command of the English language is preferred.

All applicants must have the legal right to live and work in the UK without restrictions.

Freelance Sushi chef

We are looking for highly skilled and experienced sushi chefs to join our team.

The Individual should be an experienced and skilful sushi chef with ability to prepare sushi and sashimi in a demanding environment, without compromising on quality or presentation. Bespoke knife skills are a must with impeccable presentation.

Freelance Teppanyaki chef

We are looking for an experienced highly skilled Teppanyaki chef to join our team

The candidate must have a flare to impress and character to dazzle in an intimate environment. The individual should have minimum two years’ experience of working with Teppanyaki and have a full understanding of the cuisine. Cooking with health and safety practices is essential for this role, the candidate should be strict and respectful of the cooking environment outside kitchens.

If you are interested, please send your CV to info@missteppanyaki.com