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Live Sushi Premium

9 Live Sushi Premium £89 pp
£ 89 pp

Service Description

The chef brings all ingredients, prepares the meal in your kitchen, serves each dish, and does the washing up before leaving

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-  Prawn & Mixed Vegetable Tempura with Sweet Soy and Sesame

-  Huramaki Salmon Avocado Roll with Yuzu Teriyaki

-  Tiger Prawn Tempura Roll, Avocado & Shichimi Togarashi

-  White Crab Meat, Avocado, Cucumber & Tobiko Uramaki

-  Spicy Yellow Fin Tuna Hosomaki

-  Vegetable Hand Roll with Sesame Dressing

-  Premium Sashimi Selection

-  Salmon, Yellow Fin Tuna and Sea Bass

-  Spicy Prawn Nigiri

-  Yellow Fin Tuna Nigiri

-  Unagi Kabayaki Nigiri (Roasted Eel with a Sweet Soy Glaze)

-  Signature Japanese Dessert

Customers Reviews

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